SignifiKa – Taking apps to the next level of accessibility and usability

Plug & Play * accessibility solution for native and hybrid mobile apps

Our vision here at SignifiKa is to turn each mobile app in the world to become more accessible to people with special needs. Until we reach this goal, we offer you to use our unique solution, to set your app's UI to be much more readable and comfortable to consume by people with special needs.

* Hybrid app - few hours of integration.
* Native app - few days of integration.

Users with special needs are out there by the millions, looking for great apps to use. Is your app one of them?

A highly significant portion of the mobile users suffers from some form of disability that limits their ability to interact with mobile apps and interactive content. They make an enormous potential. With SignifiKa, you now can reach out to them and be their first choice when coming to use their mobile phones.

WCAG- there is a new sheriff in town. Is your app ready for it?

Accessibility is much more than a good deed, it's according to the law. We act following the new European and US regulations and the new accessibility legislation that promote and support the WCAG standard.

Companies and organizations (that's you…) across Europe and the US are called to adjust and facilitate their digital interfaces to match accessibility regulations. We are here to make things much easier and simpler for you.

With SignifiKa, accessibility is just a matter of simple integration and your app is good to go.